What I Wish Everyone Knew About Plagiarism Checker

says for me I put example wallet that etn you’re gonna want to name this whatever you want to name your wallet because you’re gonna need that to open to open it again so you’re going to want to click enter it’s going to ask for the standard address that is gonna be your public public address and you’re gonna come and paste it in click enter your private spin key.

okay this is your private spend key you’re gonna click into it you’re gonna put it in into same thing with your private view key enter and then you’re gonna set a password make sure it’s something that’s secure and also something that you will remember in the future because you’re gonna need to type in the password every time you want to access the wallet and you’re gonna confirm it and you’re gonna want to just click enter and it’s gonna build up the wallet this is gonna.

Take a a quite a while so I’m gonna pause the video and I’ll go be back when it’s done alright guys I’m back and it’s almost done loading up all the blocks I’m only about blocks away and yeah you just wanna you just want to let it build up to the full block length and once it’s done that we can check our balance and we can also if you want to make a transfer you can if you want to send it to an exchange or something you can also do that but I will not be showing that currently becauseĀ robotdon.com

it’s a little complicated and if you not really complicate it but if you if you type in miss type something your chances of losing your coins are very high so right when you’re done is gonna tell you the balance and if you like if you opened it up and you if you sent more coins since you opened it up and you want to check the balance all you’ve got to do is type in balance it’s gonna tell you balance all right so it tells you your balance and unlocked.

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