How To Sing Screamo

Screamo is a form of alternative music that has its roots in punk rock. Back in the middle and late 1990s, the music itself was often referred to as “emo” which was short for “emotional hardcore.” These bands often featured fast and distorted guitars, but it was necessarily a simplistic style of playing. Often these “emo” bands used unique time signatures and unconventional starting-and-stopping song structures. In short, the music was a more experimental take on punk. The “emotional” aspect came from highly personalized lyrics, often dealing with personal anguish. The term “screamo” came later, as a way of describing the vocal style.

Screamo is music that involves screaming. It is slightly different than its related music styles. Hardcore punk is often shouted or yelled, where as death metal and its variants are deeply growled or grunted. How to sing screamo effectively requires on a few very important points.

Keep the volume of your voice low. Whether your band is practicing in a garage or performing in front of an audience, you will have a microphone in front of you. Naturally, microphones are meant to amplify your voice. Plus, if you scream into a microphone loudly and long enough, you risk damaging both the mike and the amplifier it is hooked up to.

Even more, prolonged screaming will heart your through to the point where you will not be able to speak. A lot of screamo novices have lost their voices for days, just because of this issue alone. Plus, if you do not approach this style correctly, it can have long-term effects. This is an occupational hazard with musicians in both punk rock and heavy metal. Typically, a grizzled punk veteran will have a gravelly voice, but not because they were born with it.

Many vocal coaches also teach certain techniques. There is a physical method to screaming safely. It mostly involves constricting the airway at the back of your throat. As you sing, this gives the air coming out a hissing and grating quality. More importantly, this saves wear and tear on your vocal chords. Once they become scarred over time, the aforementioned gravel-voice will result.

There is also one other benefit. Constricting the airway at the back your throat will allow you to alternate between singing styles a little more easily. Scream, metal and punk have a singing dynamic called “beauty and the beast.” This is usually produced between male and female vocals alternating with each other. Once voice is shrill and grating, while the other is a little more melodic. It provides for a great contrast. This style can also be used by only one singer, however it’s harder to alternate if you are screaming through your vocal chords.

Screamo is a great form of music. It provides for a great cathartic release, both for the singer and for the audience taking part in the music. This form of punk rock has always tried to be a little more community based, placing an emphasis on the shared aspects of music. Effective screaming will have you taking part quickly. Hope you enjoy how to sing screamo here.