Finding Answers In Writing

Sometimes as a reader you’ll find that you hope you start to develop questions about that student about like the performance this year or what happened in this time of this period it’s just like the pieces aren’t really coming together and I feel like the biographical essay or whatever your main essay is is really your opportunity to bring everything together and sort of answer those questions that you really didn’t have a place to do that before and to say oh yes okay now it makes sense there was a family tragedy that took place and that really that happened during sophomore year that makes a lot of sense to them because if you’re sort of avoiding those things your readers just look going I don’t really understand what’s happening with the student I think typically every more question you know and they’re not answered and there’s other places like there’s sort of the additional information additional information boxes where you can’t explain those things in for smokey should you really encourage you to use this basis gently as well so if you’re not addressing it there then you might want to go into more detail in your biographical essay.

Another question that came up was what would you tell a student who was worried about bragging in their essay and I know many of you are very modest and you want to actually seem better than other people and I think just just so you know you don’t you don’t sound better when you’re saying like I’m really proud of this accomplishment you might be thinking oh I’m bringing about something but really you’re just showing how proud you are but keep it in the context of your life and not say like you know I did better in that in that quest cast about essays than Vanessa greatest now that’s bragging so you don’t want to do that but you certainly want to keep it in the context of how proud you are of your own accomplishments and we will read that as breaking yeah yeah I mean obligate.

I think you’ll hear this probably time time again as you embark on your college application process but applying to college is not a time to hold back and you shouldn’t necessarily you know yeah just don’t look back I mean they don’t apply if you’ve achieved that’s really it’s really important to be proud of what you’ve accomplished yeah all right students applying through might choose to write about various obstacles which we’ve sort of touched on in their life what advice about how to do this what advice do you have if any about how to do this well I think we’ve already said be positive anymore was a tough but it’s so personal to talk about the things that you the hardships in your life you know I think that it helps though is talk through your topics with other people who know you well first and foremost you know maybe it’s a parent or friend or sibling.