Expectations For Your Paper

In the first few paragraphs they think are if I could solve that problem I’d be happy and then you say a little bit about your solution and you say oh that’s kind of in a cut if you like you present your idea you know I’d say that’s interesting that’s quite ingenious I wish I knew more about how that worked well maybe I’ll turn the page and read on a bit more and then you give them the payload and the details like and you do some comparison with what other people have done that’s your sort of narrative flow sort of hook them by and incrementally you don’t want to start with a big pile of going stuff that might seem scholarly but gets in the way of getting your readers addicted to the idea that’s in your head like you remember the virus thing you’re trying to convey so here’s my I sort of expectation for readership like. Check out helpful research paper examples at Edusson.

A lot of people will read the title well other people viewer people will read the abstract in the first page when I say introduction I really mean first page so when you’re looking through a conference proceedings or even a journal you might look at you start to read a paper you think ah well maybe but then you move on right it’s not a big deal for you it’s a big deal for the author if you’re the author you care about those people right but mostly they they’re not very committed to you that’s going to move on so you want to hook them on the first page so where are you going to invest your effort well you want to then it’s significant effort on that beginning stuff I’m going to say a little bit about most of these sections so firstly just about the abstract like this bit at the beginning ah Oh drat oh dear although it comes back to got a little bit yes abstract this first bit are people often invest quite a lot of effort in abstracts and I think it’s not worth investing very much in fact.

I you think you have structs quite short here is my little recipe for abstract which I got from a guy called Kent Beck four sentences only four sentences don’t write a long abstract and then repeat it all in the introduction right that’s a pain to read instead like full sentences state the problem say wow it’s an interesting problem say what your solution achieves you don’t have space in the abstract to say what your solution is and say what follows from your solution so here’s an example for an incestuous example taken from this talk what’s the state the problem number one first sentence many papers are badly written hard to understand right what was the second thing why is it an interesting problem oh it’s a pity because they’re good ideas may go unappreciated so it’s an interesting problem to solve this paper put paper thing well say what your solution achieves.